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Invitation to membership in The Order of the First Families of Maryland is extended by the Governing Council to individuals eighteen years of age or older, of good moral character and respectable standing in society, who are acceptable to The Order and have a verifiable, lineal descent from either:

(1) Sir George Calvert, The First Lord Baltimore, who was granted the Palatinate of Maryland by King Charles I of England, or (2) an ancestor who aided in the establishment of the Palatinate of Maryland or who was an office holder, real property owner or resident in Maryland prior to December 31, 1734. (NOTE: Those members admitted prior to July 1, 2005, when the ancestor cutoff date was July 4, 1776, will continue to be in good standing, and their relatives who are the member’s second cousins or closer and are lineal descendants of that original ancestor will remain eligible for admission to the Order on the basis of that original ancestor.)